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Designer Sarah Gill Thomas is from Cologne, Germany. She is a textile engineer. She graduated from Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. In 2012 she moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion.

The new clothing brand is named G. Thomas which is short for Gill Thomas. G. Thomas masters to merge from Streetwear into Ready-to-Wear at the same time.

The Streetwear styles have a more sophisticated and less urban look, while the more formal items play with details that make them stand out from the usual and resemble Streetwear.

The G. Thomas brand represents high end quality with strong attention to details and exclusive design. Printed fabrics, zippers and buttons are exclusively manufactured with special designs. Every style is produced in limited numbers, because the brand stands for exclusivity and never aims to compare with mass market brands.

G. Thomas stands for a certain approach to fashion and life. The wearer has a young spirit, but is sophisticated. He likes the relaxed look, but loves quality and appreciates the nice things in life. He is classy, but rebellious. He sets trends. He stands out from the crowd. He is fearless and sets his own standards. This line allows the wearer to conform to societal standards while offering something new and interesting.

Lookbook Opacus

The first mini collection exemplifies different grey tones and their contrasts. Grey never has to be boring when it is well combined with other shades.

The knitted styles have the relaxed Streetwear look and show diversity with grey and burgundy - black print.

The woven Ready-to-Wear styles illustrate the contrast of black and its lighter grey shades.


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